The math concept that was the most difficult for me when I was younger, and still challenges me is multiplication. I don’t remember my exact thoughts and feelings when my teacher covered multiplying decimals, but I’m sure they were not good. I want to make sure my students feel comfortable with the topics that are being covered. A few ways that I can do that is by making sure the progression of material is logical, paced, and at the correct level, as well as catering to the learning styles of my students.

I was procrastinating/ doing research on Pinterest and came across a few activities, posters, etc. that I believe would be useful for students when learning how to multiply decimals.

I think that the following poster is an excellent tool as it shows the different ways to represent a decimal. Being aware of these and being able to use them correctly will help with understanding. It is one thing for a student to see 3.89 and mentally say ” three point eight nine” while reading it, but by being able to read it and say ” three and eighty nine hundredths will be very beneficial.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.27.31 AM.png

There was a wonderful resource that covers common decimal place value errors. I think this would be a very worthwhile thing to go over as a class. Some students may be doing these errors themselves so to show that they are common errors and the students aren’t the only one who makes the error will help with their confidence. It also provides good conversation about errors and the “rules” of decimals.

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Being honest I didn’t remember the steps involved in solving a decimal multiplication problem so the following was very helpful. I appreciate that within the steps to solving the decimal problem the concept of estimation is also used.

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I was never a student that enjoyed doing worksheets all day. With that in mind I tried to find activities that cover this content in an enjoyable and interactive way. That being said, the first activity I looked at was a worksheet, but I have to admit that I like it. It provides great practice for getting the steps down, but doesn’t challenge the students past that.

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I’m interested in this method due to the fact that I am a visual learner and I assume some of my students will be too.

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I wish I could say that I found an amazing activity that gets students up and out of their seats and focusing on the content, but sadly I wasn’t able to find one. This disappointed me as I believe that getting students up and working together on solving problems is very beneficial. I don’t know if I wasn’t looking in the right places or if I didn’t look hard enough, but I do know that my search for quality activities is not over.