After two semesters and an innumerable amount of lessons learned, teaching strategies acquired, methods developed, and so much more, my time of learning from Professor Golden will be done. I have learned so much more about teaching, content, and learning than I expected to. In my two classes with Professor Golden I have gained a deeper understanding and a stronger passion for being a math teacher.

Throughout this semester we have discussed several content areas that intimidate me, mostly because of my experiences learning them in elementary school. When we covered an area of concern for me I always learned new methods for approaching and solving the problems. Coming away from this class I feel much more comfortable and confident in my teaching abilities because I feel more comfortable and confident in my understanding and ability to solve the problems.

A significant take-away that I have from this class is the exposure to and learning of new teaching methods. My experience with teachers is that most of them teach you the material and then the students practice what they are taught. I believe that it is much more meaningful when the students are given the ability and support to be able to investigate themselves and find a use for the material.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach a class before, but I haven’t had the opportunity to teach the same class more than once. Being able to teach three times in the same classroom has really boosted my confidence and improved my teaching abilities and effectiveness. Rather than always feeling like a guest, I felt the respect of the students and was able to see them grow. It was also easier to see the areas that I need to improve.

I believe that I am a better math student and therefore will be a better math teacher one day because of the opportunities and experiences given to me in my two semesters with Professor Golden, and for that I thank him!

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